This site is for kids and adults who want to
begin or improve their animal calling.
Gregory H. Hubbell, Jr. is truly a World Class Animal Caller.
At age 8 years old he made history in California as the most
highly decorated animal caller ever. A four time Undefeated
World Elk Bugling Champion by the age of 10 years old, he
and his father have created a formula for calling success.
Why our calling training works:
Greg Jr. won his first World Elk Championship 12 days after
the first day he made the sounds. At age 6 he began
winning Turkey and Duck calling contests in the 12 and
under divisions, after only 1 hour of practice for each
contest. Greg Jr. has some incredible skills and his father
created a training formula for success, on the stage or in
the field.
How we can help you:
We have the formula for success to help anybody learn and
get better faster calling Elk, Duck, and Turkey. We've
proven it, just look at Greg Jr's resume'.
. We can help you
by showing which "Tools" (calls, devices) to use and the
practice skills to help you call better and faster.
Kids Calling Kids (and Adults too!)
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