Event Calendar
Kids Calling Kids (and Adults too!)
We will be posting events, calling contests, and such here where The Champ will
be attending:

2010 World (Canada) Goose, Live Duck* & (Canada) Goose Calling Championships,
& Mason Dixon Regional Duck* Calling Contest
Nov 12 & 13 Waterfowl Festival Easton Maryland:

2010 World Duck* Calling
Nov 26th Stuttgart Arkansas:

*(Duck refers to a Mainstreet Duck Competition as performed and a quailifier for the World Duck Calling contest in
Stuttgart Arkansas and are the sounds of the Mallard Duck. Real Duck combines 5 different type of Ducks in one
routine, Mallard, Teal, Wood, Widgeon, & Pintail Ducks. Hunter Duck is a hunting style Mallard duck routine. Team
means 2 people. Live Duck or Goose has a recording of live Ducks or Geese played before the contestant begins
his routine and must try to imitate the live recording).