Gregory Hubbell  Jr wins his first World Elk Bugling
Championship at 7 years old!
Kids Calling Kids (and Adults too!)
You may have seen him on the Nationwide late night TV show, "Jimmy Kimmel
as the announcer of the show. Gregory has also performed on
Nationwide Prime Time television on the "Steve Harvey Big Time Show". He
also appeared on
Evening Magazine, the largest Prime-Time television show
in the San Francisco Bay Area, the largest morning show in America,
Today Show
, CBS Sunday Morning with Bill Geist, Bay Area CBS Sports with
Rick Quan, and Bay Area
NBC 11 Sports with Daryl Hawks. The NBC 11
segment was NOMINATED for a 2008 Northern CA EMMY AWARD!!!!!!!!
2008 Emmy Nomination then go to the middle of page 9, Sports - Program
"Call of the Wild" KNTV NBC 11 Daryl Hawks.

Gregory has also appeared on
Fox Morning News in Washington D.C., and the
NBC Morning News Show on Channel 11 with Bob Redell
in the San
Francisco Bay Area. He has been on the
Radio Worldwide from Perth,
Australia; Portland, Maine; Washington D. C.; Dallas, Texas; Seattle,
Washington; Kansas City Missouri; KGO & KCBS News Radio in San
Francisco, and across the Nation on National Public Radio (NPR).

Finally he has been the
"Featured Animal Caller” at the Smithsonian
Institution, the Museum of the United States of America, at America's Wildest
Festival, celebrating the 100 year Centennial celebration of the National Fish
and Wildlife Service Refuge System, at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural
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